William G. Fricke (1901)
540 Fair Oaks Avenue

The Fricke house was designed in 1901 and is frequently dated 1902 as that was when construction was probably finished. The house is one of the first completely mature Prairie Style designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. By the time of this design, Wright had dropped all classical or historical elements from his designs. All lines are rectilinear, all moldings have sharply square corners.

View from North
With the exception of kitchen and baths, the main house is in its original condition. An open air pavilion south of the main house was removed many years ago. All the leaded glass windows on the first and second floors are intact, each one a custom design by Wright.

View from Fair Oaks Avenue
The garage was constructed about five years after the house, but had clearly been designed as a single composition. At the time of the garage construction, the house was owned by Emma Martin. The house is frequently called the Emma Martin House when published.
Commentary by Bill Dring

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