Horse Show (Horseshoe) Fountain (1909/1969)
Lake & Oak Park Avenue

Officially the work of Richard Bock, a prominent sculpture who executed much of Wright's architectural sculpture during the years between 1898 and 1913. Wright's name has always been associated with the design of the fountain. According to Bock, it was Wright who suggested the opening at the center for the drinking fountain. The spacial complexity of the design -- strongly resembling Wright's architecture of the period -- suggests that Wright was probably more deeply involved in the design. See the close-up views for the details of the fountain's design.

Originally built by the Horse Show Association, it was located on the curb of Lake Street, one hundred feet from its present location. It was built as a functioning fountain, serving horses, dogs and people. In 1969, as part of the Wright Centennial festivities, a replica of the badly deteriorated original was constructed and placed at its present location at the entrance to Scoville Park.

The above commentary was excerpted from Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright & Prarire School Architecture in Oak Park by Paul E. Sprague (published 1986). The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust Book Catalog offers a selection of guidebooks which can be ordered online. --
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