Harry S. Adams House (1913)
710 Augusta Boulevard

View looking north from Augusta Avenue
This is the last of Wright's Oak Park houses, in which Wright provided a superb summation of his first modern style, marking the end of his Prairie or Oak Park period. Later Wright designs would continue to recall his Oak Park manner, but none would again be so typical a Prairie-style house.
Its longitudinal plan with, from left to right, porte cochere, porch, living room, hall and dining room, allowed Wright to display all of the horizontal forms which he had evolved during his Oak Park years: a concrete base course, terrace wall on the left corresponding to the flower box under the three-part dining room window on the right, lower hip roof, continuous string course, casement windows, and main hip roof with its wide eaves. Also, note Wright's typically indirect approach to the entrance (recalling the Frank W. Thomas house,) his ubiquitous but elegantly designed concrete flower pot on one side of the steps, and in front of the door and elsewhere, the exquisite stained-glass.

The above commentary was excerpted from Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright & Prarire School Architecture in Oak Park by Paul E. Sprague (published 1986). The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust Book Catalog offers a selection of guidebooks which can be ordered online.

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